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What is MMSHOPS?

MMSHOPS is an international business cluster, based on B2B and B2C showrooms. It is operational in France, Italy, Portugal, Tunisia and UK, and soon in Spain and Switzerland. It aims to help SMEs to exploit Internet as a strategic tool for their business with national and international markets.

More than 5,000 visitor/month access this platform, were shopkeepers, manufacturers, professionals, and business organizations manage their showrooms for commercial and marketing purposes. MMSHOPS also offers a customer lead service, allowing more than 300 subscribers to get new business opportunities and to exploit broader markets.

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MMSHOPS gives a number of competitive advantages

Better visibility - A large portal focused on products and services is much more visible to search engines, than a small general purpose site: this is why Google automatically indexes new showrooms within 1-2 days.

Cost savings - The shop annual fee is from 10 to 100 euros, depending on size and quantity (discounts to Associations and Resellers). No other costs, because you can manage your showroom by yourself, without a technical support!

Quick updating - These showrooms are based on a friendly innovative system: also unskilled users can manage their showrooms after a few minutes! That results in web pages always updated, without delays of external supports.

The MMSHOPS Organization

Our organization is based on an international network of experts in several fields, who have decided to put their expertise at the service of SMEs and of their customers.

HERE you can know our experts and their skills.

The MMSHOPS team gives enterprises the opportunity to be visible on the Internet and to use web/social-marketing services for their development. With MMSHOPS also small enterprises can have the same opportunities as large ones.

This approach can also bring benefits to consumers, by giving them more choices and better services, which are typical of the interpersonal relationship of SMEs.

Best showcases: be inspired

Find out how our members showcase their commercial proposals with multimedia contents.

The MMSHOPS Sponsors

The MMSHOPS policies and legal responsibilities

We are not responsible for the virtual shop contents and we do not give any warranty, express or implied, on the information accuracy and authenticity, and on products here advertised and sold: only the virtual shop owners are responsible of their contents.

Whatever content contrary to the MMSHOPS rules (READ MORE), or otherwise criminally or civilly liable, will be promptly removed upon notification of the concerned persons. Please, send every report or complaint to (phone +39-3481314965).

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