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What is MMSHOPS?

MMSHOPS is a business-social-network, organized as a market place, where shopkeepers, manufacturers, professionals, organizations can use their "virtual shops" for commercial purposes.

The shop owners can publish information and commercial offers in their Shop Gallery, showing products or services with features and prices to a wide range of potential customers.

The MMSHOPS software platform can be used on request to make customized portals for Associations, Exhibitions, Clubs, etc., as multimedia yellow pages with a virtual-shop approach. Contact us at for more information.

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The MMSHOPS organization

Our organization is based on an international network of experts in several fields, who have decided to put their expertise at the service of SMEs and their customers. Objective of this project is to help SMEs in using Internet as a strategic tool for the their business and to interact with the market.

This initiative gives enterprises the opportunity to be visible on the Internet and to use the services of web-marketing for their development. With MMSHOPS also small enterprises can have the same opportunities as large groups: this possibility to compete can also bring benefits to consumers, by giving them more choices and better services, which is typical of the interpersonal relationship of SMEs.

The MMSHOPS Partners

Milano Glamour


I Tesori d'Italia
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