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What is MMSHOPS?

MMSHOPS is a business-social-network, organized as a virtual shopping mall, where shopkeepers, manufacturers, professionals, organizations can use their "virtual shops" for commercial purposes.
The shop owners can publish information and commercial offers in their Shop Gallery, showing products or services with features and prices to a wide range of potential customers.
An internal search engine lets to find out product sheets by keywords in each category. It allows visitors to select the offers that best suits their needs.

The software platform adopted for making MMSHOPS can be used on request to make customized portals for Associations, Exhibitions, Clubs, etc., to be used as multimedia yellow pages with a virtual-shop logic. Contact us ( for more information.

The MMSHOPS organization

Our organization is based on an international network of experts in several fields, who have decided to put their expertise at the service of SMEs and their customers.
Objective of this project is to help SMEs in using Internet as a strategic tool for the their business and to interact with the market.
This initiative gives enterprises the opportunity to be visible on the Internet and to use the services of web-marketing for their development.
Also small enterprises can have the same opportunities as large groups: this possibility to compete can also bring benefits to consumers, by giving them more choice and better services, which is typical of the interpersonal relationship of SMEs.

How to get and use your free virtual shop

By filling THIS FORM with your data, you will receive back a password to access a new virtual shop and start the development.
Everybody can create and manage a virtual shop, no technical skill is required. It is is just enough to write the content in Word or Notepad and upload it on the web through the personal Control Panel.
As soon as the shop has been filled with the basic contents, request us to insert it in a cathegory using THIS FORM. Then you can continue to update its contents any time you need.

We are now in a start-up promotional phase: therefore you can get your virtual shops free of charge for 1 year. The only limit is the number of product pictures you can publish: max 30 images, including logo and slide-show. If you need to publish more than 30 pictures, you have to pay a very small fee: contact us about at

Why to have a virtual shop?

MMSHOPS gives a number of advantages to small and micro-enterprises:
  • Better visibility - A large portal focused on products and services is much more visible to search engines, than a small general purpose site: Google indexes the new shops after 2-3 days.
  • Cost savings - The shop annual rate can range from 50 euros (single user) to 10 euros (max quantity discount for Associations and Resellers). Moreover you don't need any more a web expert: you, or any employee, can manage the virtual shop, thus saving site development and maintenance costs.
  • Quick updating - The virtual shops are based on a very friendly and innovative system, that allows everybody to manage his web pages without tecnical skills: one hour is enough to learn how to edit the page contents. That results in having your pages always up to date, without waiting for an external support.

The MMSHOPS rules

The shop owner is allowed to publish only commercial contents. He is warned not to publish personal contents, or contents protected by copyright, offensive or contrary to laws, morals, professional ethics, common feeling, or contents with sentences inciting to racial, religious, sexual, social discrimination.
Whatever content contrary to these rules, or otherwise criminally or civilly liable, will be promptly removed upon notification of the concerned person. Every comment or report must be sent both to the site owner (see the e-mail indicated in the site), and to (phone +39-3481314965).


The owner receives a password-protected Control Panel, that allows him to publish in full autonomy his contents: he undertakes not to make improper use of the MMSHOPS services and to publish only information of commercial nature. The owner cannot publish and/or distribute personal information, or liable to harm the image of others, or contents contrary to the law, public order and morality.
Euroteam is not responsible for the published contents and does not give any warranty, express or implied, on the information accuracy and authenticity, and on services and products advertised and/or sold through the virtual shops.
The virtual shop owners are solely responsible for any content. In this regard, Euroteam disclaims any liability, civil, criminal or administrative matters in relation to the contents of the virtual shops: each shop owner is civilly and criminally liable for the content published in his web pages, including the products and services advertised and eventually sold.
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